Student Wellbeing


At St Mary’s, the Wellbeing of students is fosters and empowers students to support each other and contribute positively to society through:

  • A consistent school wide Positive Behaviour Management Policy and approach based on School-wide Positive Behaviours and Restorative Practices for conflict management and relationship restoration.
  • Whole school implementation of ‘You Can Do It! Education Program Achieve’. The core purpose of ‘You Can Do It!’ is the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities, including: Confidence (academic, social), Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along, and Emotional Resilience. Central to the development of these 5 foundations is instilling in young people 12 Habits of the Mind that support and nourish the 5 foundations, including Accepting Myself, Taking Risks, Setting Goals, Planning My Time, Being Tolerant of Others, Thinking First, Playing by the Rules, and Social Responsibility (includes the values of respect, responsibility, caring, fairness and honesty).
  • Provides students with a supportive learning environment in which to develop the skills, understandings, attitudes and strategies to improve their mental, social and emotional well-being
  • Develops key skills in resilience, assertiveness, decision making, problem solving and leadership
  • Provides authentic leadership opportunities for Year 5 and 6 Peer Leaders
  • Access to the support of a ‘School Based Counsellor’ from Catholic Care and employed by St Mary’s to support students facing particular challenges.
  • Quiet play areas have been created for students wanting passive play opportunities.
  • An extensive Transition Orientation Program.
  • A Year 6 Orientation Program.
  • Whole School Masses and Liturgies.
  • Whole School Assemblies.
  • Weekly School Awards recognising social or academic achievement.
  • A Camp Program for Year 4, 5 and 6 students.
  • Ongoing support from Kids Matter Primary which provides the proven methods, tools and support to help St Mary’s work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy, balanced kids. It is a flexible, whole-school approach to children’s mental health and wellbeing. It works both on its own and as an umbrella under which St Mary’s existing programs comfortably fit. Through Kids Matter Primary, St Mary’s undertakes a two-to-three year cyclical process in which we plan and take action using a comprehensive whole-school approach to mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention. Depicted in the following diagram: Kids Matter Primary provides St Mary’s with a comprehensive framework made up of three main areas.

Extra Curricula

Extra curricula activities offered at St Mary’s include but are not limited to –

Student Leadership Program
Student Leadership Teams
School Choir
Instrumental Program
Australian Maths Competition

Lego Club
Drumming Group
Swimming Program

Excursions and Incursions
Ukelele Group
Interschool Sport
ICAS Assessments
Tournament of the Minds