Religious Education


Journey In Faith

The Religious Education curriculum is based on the Journey in Faith Document. Teachers plan in teams, guided by the Assistant Principal Religious Education and staff from the Catholic Education Office to create dynamic, relevant units of learning that address the 12 Key Ideas contained within the Journey in Faith Document.

Made in the Image of God (MITIOG)

Made in the Image of God is the human sexuality component of our Religious Education program. The program was developed in South Australia but the units are written for students in the Northern Territory. Each unit’s content has been carefully thought through and sequenced to be developmentally appropriate.

There are four strands within Made in the Image of God. These strands are Being Human, Being Moral, Being Connected and Being Sexual and are taught in conjunction with Journey in Faith. During the teaching of the sexuality strand of Made in the Image of God we pay particular attention to the role of parents as first educators. Parents are invited to be a part of an overview committee at school and are given clear outlines as to the content being taught.

Making Jesus Real - MJR

Fundamental to all relationships at St Mary’s is our approach to ‘Making Jesus Real’. The MJR Approach is incorporated into everyday life at our school through the use of basic manners, a positive attitude, showing tolerance toward others, giving time for reflection and using encouraging language to highlight the “behaviours, values and attitudes that we want to ‘see’ in our students”.

All relationships at St Mary’s are based on the teachings of Jesus and all members of the community are encouraged to actively practice the behaviours and attitudes outlined in the ‘Making Jesus Real’ program – ‘Every day is an MJR day’.

Students are encouraged to be ‘Happy Chappies’, not ‘Nasty Pasties’. Students at St Mary’s strive to be WEST people – Welcoming, Encouraging, Saying sorry and Thanks.

Students are encouraged to catch others Making Jesus Real and to nominate them for recognition. Each week one student from each class is selected to recieve the Spirit of St Mary’s Award which acknowledge students demonstrating our MJR values.