A variety of activities are programmed at Before, After School and Vacation Care (e.g. cooking, painting, craft, music and dance, outdoor activities). Opportunities for unstructured and quiet play are also provided including areas for children to withdraw from all activities. Our aim is to provide developmentally appropriate activities that support the development of each child’s social, emotional, lingual, physical, intellectual, social, creative skills. The program seeks to foster self-esteem and confidence in children by including their own ideas into the planning and providing experiences that encourage children to negotiate and cooperate in small groups.

Routine plays an important role in a successful school age care setting. It allows the service to operate effectively and efficiently and makes for a relaxed environment for children, parents and staff. Routines provide consistency, prevent confusion, reduce staff workload, reduce behavioral problems promote and ensure general hygiene practices.

Before School Care Program

Before School care provides a supervised service from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. Monday to Friday for students attending St Mary’s Primary School. This service is often used by parents starting work early, as teacher supervision is not available at the school until 8.00am

To apply for a position in before school care please contact the Assistant Director on or the front office on

After School Care Program

2:50pm – Children walk to the assembly area to get their names marked off on the roll. The children put their bags away in the space provided.

2:50-3:10pm – Children have free play time in the gym, small playground or veranda.

3:10pm – Assembly to discuss the days activities.

3:20pm – Afternoon Tea is provided.

3:30-5:15pm – Programmed Activities.

5:15 pm – Children begin to pack away their equipment; regroup in the OSHC room.

5:45 pm – Centre closed.