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Thank you for visiting the St Mary’s Catholic Primary School web site, which will provide you with some valuable insights into our philosophy of learning, as well as imparting practical information on our school community and the day to day operations of our school.

St Mary’s is Darwin’s oldest primary school and is in the unique position of being the only school located within the heart of the city of Darwin.   Facilities located only walking distance from St Mary’s include the Darwin city library, Darwin Entertainment Centre, Botanical Gardens, the Esplanade, Parliament House, Darwin cinemas and Darwin City Council. Located on the same site as the school is St Mary’s Parish Cathedral.

The journey through primary school is a very exciting and enriching one.  Throughout this journey, our mission is to work in partnership with families to promote and nurture the moral, academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual formation of each and every child.  We are passionate about teaching and learning and our aim is for each child to reach their full potential.  Integral to our mission is imparting the beliefs, traditions and practices of our Catholic faith and promoting an active partnership between home, parish, school and community.  Our school aims to develop in students a passion for life, learning and service of others and we work together to build a family atmosphere that fosters joy and strong sense of community.

We are a community that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion for all.  Teachers work with students to provide a structured and comprehensive academic programme, a comprehensive religious education and sacramental program and extra curricular activities that develop and extend the gifts and talents of each individual.

We strongly encourage parent involvement both within the framework of each child’s classroom and within the social and community aspects of school life.  We place a high value on the input of family within the school.

We hope that you find the information that you need from this site and we encourage you to make contact with members of St Mary’s school community to learn more about St Mary’s and Catholic education in Darwin city.

St Mary's Primary School,Lindsay Street Darwin, NT 0800
GPO Box 2413 Darwin NT 0801
Phone 08 8981 9796
Fax 08 8981 5286

If you would like to make comment or suggest any improvements to this site please email admin.stmarys@nt.catholic.edu.au.

In the event of a cyclone parents are requested to listen to the local radio for information regarding closure and the reopening of schools. The NT government makes the decision to close schools for all schools in the Northern Territory.