School Board


Catholic Schools participate in the mission of the Church. The work of the School Board takes place within the context of the work of the Catholic Church educating its young people in the Christian faith and for full participation in society.

The School Board lies at the heart of a Christian community where all share in rights, dignities and responsibilities. The Board works towards this vison of community, striving to build a place where all people feel supported and valued.

The School Board is responsible to the Bishop through the director of Catholic Education.

St Mary’s School Board meets once a month, usually on a Thursday. The School Board AGM is held in March each year. Nominations are called prior to the meeting. Prospective members are required to meet with the principal and Parish Priest to discuss the role, function and responsibilities of School Board members.

Role of the School Board

Each diocesan School Board has responsibility for the overall wellbeing of its school. Boards act in an advisory capacity to the Principal to:

  • develop policies that nurture the religious dimension and guide the direction of the school
  • develop the relationship between the school and the local church
  • work with the principal to ensure that the academic standards of the school are at least as distinguished as those achieved in other schools in the region
  • support the administration of the school
  • offer pastoral care to the school community
  • protect children
  • monitor building and grounds
  • development and maintenance
  • exercise financial oversight of the school
  • and ensure compliance with legal obligations. – Manual for School Board Members, September 2006