18 November 2022| Week 6

Upcoming Dates

  • 19th November: Darwin City Christmas Pageant
  • 25th November: Advent Liturgy led by Year 3/4 Room 13
  • 27th November: First Sunday of Advent
  • 1st December: Year 6 Graduation
  • 2nd December: Assembly led by CoL - Kangaroos Graduation
  • 4th December: Second Sunday of Advent
  • 8th December: Carols in the Cathedral
  • 11th December: Third Sunday of Advent
  • 12th December: End of Year Mass
  • 13th December: Step Up Day
  • 15th December: Last day for students for 2023
Event details will be updated on School Stream closer to the event date.
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Principal's News

Week 6, Term 4, 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

2023 Class Preparations: As we commence the preparations for student placement for 2023, parents are requested to trust the staff at St Mary’s with the process of class allocation. Our practice at St Mary’s is very transparent – we invite every child, after some helpful tips from their teacher, to write the names of friends they work well with on a template. Staff then work through these lists and endeavour to place the children with at least one of their selection. This first draft is then shared with previous teachers and specialist staff to ensure that past experiences can be taken into consideration. The Leadership Team then cross reference these lists with any other information we might have, and the lists continue to be circulated until we are satisfied with the combination.

Parents are welcome to contribute to this conversation, but we ask that you do not request a specific teacher for your child. Requests such as these cannot be met. If you do have any concerns or queries, please book a time for a chat with your child’s current class teacher who will be more than happy to put your mind at rest or put your request in writing to the Principal. And don’t forget, positive conversations at home about the inevitable changes ahead to ensure a happy transition.
Transition 2023: On Tuesday this week we had our second Transition orientation morning session. Acknowledgement and credit must go to our wonderful Transition teachers Miss Molly Kalchbauer and Ms Pascale Zufferey for their coordination of this weekly transition program.

Staffing Announcements: I hope to be in a position to make all our 2023 Staffing announcements next week once we have finalised all our Teaching roles. You will be pleased to hear that all of our current ISA Support staff will be returning in 2023. These amazing men and women do a brilliant job every day in support of student learning in our school.

Student Leadership 2023: This morning a number of incredibly confident Year 5 learners delivered a leadership speech in front of students, their teachers and parents. Over the next few days, the Years 2-6 students and teachers will vote for the positions of School Captain and House Captain positions for 2023. The recipients of these leadership positions will be announced to the school community at the final Mass on Monday, 12 December 2022 at 8.30 am.
year 5 captains
2022 Existing Student Enrolments: As we are beginning class preparations for our 2023 year levels we kindly ask that families who are aware that they are relocating to please notify the school admin via the Schoolstream App or email to admin.stmarys@nt.catholic.edu.au. We understand families may be unsure at this stage, but ask that when you have received notification that you advise the school as quickly as possible.

As we currently have a waitlist for some year levels for 2023. we would like to confirm our existing enrolments for next year before making offers to new families. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Uniform Reminder: Please ensure that your child has the correct uniform requirements including the correct footwear, socks and school hat. Please support us in our endeavour to adhere to our uniform guidelines, which can be found in our Parent Handbook or school webpage.
Shoes nov
Farewell to Olivia (Room 8) and Harvey (CoL) and family who leave our school community this week.

In Faith and Love

Rosie Harrison


Together let us pray:
As we snowball towards the end of the year, let us share this prayer together:
Psalm 23 – For Busy People (by Toki Miyashina)

The Lord is my pacesetter, I shall not rush;
He makes me stop and rest for quiet intervals,
He provides me with images of stillness, which restore my serenity.
He leads me in the way of efficiency,
Through calmness of mind;
And His guidance is peace.
Even though I have a great many things
To accomplish each day.
I will not fret, for His presence is here.
His timelessness, His all-importance will keep me
In balance.
He prepares refreshment and renewal in the midst of activity,
By anointing my mind with His oils of tranquillity;
My cup of joyous energy overflows.
Surely harmony and effectiveness shall be
The fruits of my hours
And I shall walk in the pace of my Lord
And dwell in His house for ever.
Enrol for 2023 (1)

Religious Education News

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal
In week 7, we will begin our annual St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal. As a school we will work together to collect gifts. The Vinnies Christmas appeal is all about bringing joy and festivity to families and individuals who may be in need of some extra support at this expensive time of year.

For most of us, Christmas is a time of celebration with family and friends; the joy of exchanging gifts, making precious memories, and enjoying delicious Christmas food. However, for many Australians, including families and children living below the poverty line, Christmas can be a time of struggle. We invite you to share in the spirit of Christmas by donating a small gift for a child and place it in the front office.

Thank you for your support and helping us bring joy to those in need during the Christmas period.

Key events and dates for term:

Advent Liturgy - Friday 25th November at 8:30 in the Mary Mackillop hall

End of Year Mass – Monday 12th December at 8:30 in the Cathedral.

Clare Nolan
Religious Education Co-ordinator

Making Jesus Real - MJR

Each week we have a whole school MJR theme. In Week 6 our theme is 'The Great 8'. The Great 8 are the actions that we use to show who we are as a person and how we are blessed by the spirit of Jesus in our hearts.
These are words that you can do, not just say.
MJR 11-11

Excursion News from

Rooms 16, 11 and 9

On Monday, Rooms 16, 11 and 9 went to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Museum on Stokes Hill Wharf. We left school around 8:40am, we walked down Cavanagh Street to the mural of Vincent Lingiari and Gough Whitlam, then walked down a long series of stairs before walking around the Waterfront. When we arrived at Stokes Hill Wharf, we ate our fruit break, after that we entered the RFDS museum. There was a lot of information about the RFDS, we watched a video comparing the first plane that the Flying Doctors used, and a jet that they use today. We were split up into 2 groups. My group saw a type of aeroplane that they use. We also found out that the most common need of the RFDS is childbirth! There were two areas for the VR headsets, one showed us about the Bombing of Darwin, and how the boat, Neptuna, got bombed. The other one, clips from the RFDS. There was a plane which we got to go into, it also had an incubator with a baby doll inside of it.

After about half an hour the groups switched, we then went into a small theatre, and watched two videos. The first one was about Commander Grant, who’s ship was called the Willy. B, the video showed us how he camouflaged his boat to hide it from the Japanese planes. The second video was about Reverend John Flynn, and how he wanted to assist the people living in remote areas of Australia. So he created the Flying Doctor Service, but was changed to the Royal Flying Doctor Service when Queen Elizabeth II came to Australia and thought that it was a good idea, so she helped with the idea.

After we had finished both activities, we had our morning tea. Then we went back to school, we were going to go to a place on the Esplanade, but it was so hot that we didn’t end up doing that, instead we went to school and ate our lunch in the cool of the classroom.
-By Isla Innes
On Monday Rooms 9, 11 and 16 went on an excursion to the Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS) Museum. We started walking from school, stopping at the Vincent Lingiari wall art to have a break. After, we walked down to the wharf at the Waterfront and had another break there. Of course, after our break we entered the cool air conditioning of the Royal Flying Doctors Service Museum.

Inside, we put our bags down and heard a siren. Seconds later, we experienced the bombing of Darwin through a hologram. When one of the bombs in the hologram hit the surface of the water, we could feel the air from the holographic bomb at our feet.

We then broke off into 2 groups, going to different activities. We learnt that, every 2 minutes, the RFDS helps 1 person. We got to go into a RFDS plane that had once been used, and inside was like an ambulance, only this ambulance could fly. There were some virtual reality headsets there, where you can be in the perspective of a pilot, a doctor, or a patient. There were more VR headsets near the entrance, and they were about the Bombing of Darwin.

After, we went into the hologram theatre to watch two holograms movies, one about Commander Grant, and the second about Reverend John Flynn. The holograms were about Commander Grant’s experiences during the Bombing of Darwin, and the history of the RFDS.

We then had recess in the RFDS museum, and the teachers told us to not leave any crumbs on the floor, go to the toilet now if we need to, and refill our water bottles. We went outside and had a group photo.

Walking back to school felt more tiring than when we left, probably because it was hotter. When we arrived back at school, we had lunch indoors, since all of us were tired from walking. We had a fabulous day out and learnt many new things.
- By Kim Nguyen

Farewell and Congratulations Miss Walsh!

Today at assembly we celebrated Miss Sinead Walsh our Inclusion Support Coordinator, who is commencing maternity leave. We wish you and Sunil all the very best for the impending arrival of your firstborn child. Thank you for all that you have done for the students and staff here at St Mary's - now is the time for you to rest up and prepare for the next beautiful chapter of your story!

We had the privilege of having Shane Donohue (Principals' Consultant) from the Catholic Education Office join us at assembly this morning to assist Ms Rosie Harrison in presenting Sinead with a SIRF (School Improvement and Renewal Framework) Award for Pastoral Care and Wellbeing. Sinead is very deserving of this award for the dedication and care she has for all members of the St Mary's Community. Sinead is commended for her dedication to Pastoral Care and Wellbeing, as well as the tremendous contributions she has made to the entire school community in this area.

Congratulations Miss Walsh and we will miss you!
sinead 2
sinead 3

Darwin Christmas Pageant 2022

We are so excited that we have a large group of students from our Dance-Troupe and Choir taking part in the first ever Darwin City Christmas Pageant this Saturday 19th November!

The Christmas Pageant begins at 5pm with floats journeying down the Esplanade and onto Knuckey Street. Listen out for our students singing and dancing to African Drummer Boy!! Everyone is then invited to join the post Pageant festivities in Raintree Park where St Mary's Choir will be performing at 6.20pm, singing and signing in Auslan We wish you a Merry Christmas. The winners of the Christmas Pageant Floats will be announced, plus there will be roving entertainment and live music performances. From Raintree Park you can follow the festivities through Smith Street Mall and join in officially opening Christmas with the Lord Mayor’s Lighting of the Christmas Tree at 7:15pm.

For full event details please click below:

Have you completed our 2022 Parent Satisfaction Survey?

Last chance to complete the survey!
The survey will be open until midnight Friday 18th of November. We thank you in advance for the time take to complete the survey and for contributing to the direction of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

You can complete the survey now by clicking on the “SCHOOL SURVEYS” link on the School Stream home page or click the button below.

2022 School Fees Reminder

School fee statements were sent out early in Term 4. We would appreciate all families finalising outstanding school fees as soon as possible. Banking details are listed below or you can pay in person using card at the Front Office.

BYODD Program 2023




In 2023, we will be expanding the BYODD program to students in Years 3 to 6. Children moving into Year 3 next year are eligible to join the BYODD program.

Please find linked below the documents that were shared at our Parent Information Session last term:
- BYODD Parent Letter 2023
- Parent Information & Frequently Asked Questions
- Edunet Device specifications & ordering instructions

These documents contain all the information that you need to know regarding our 2023 BYODD program.

Our BYODD purchase portal is now open and taking orders for devices for pre-Christmas delivery. You can learn more about our supplier Edunet by watching this video.

In the chance that you have purchased a previous BYODD device for an older child who will be moving into Middle School next year and will not be requiring the device, it can be passed on to the younger sibling. If you have any further questions regarding the BYODD program, please do not hesitate to contact Christine Ferreira christine.ferreira@nt.catholic.edu.au
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Pastoral Care and Wellbeing News

PC 1
PC 2

New Ways November


Spirit of St Mary's

Our Spirit of St Mary’s goal for this term is: 50,000 points!

It’s a big goal for our students but we are confident that if we work together as a team we can achieve this goal and have a super awesome Spirit Cup Fun Day!

Week 6 point check: 42,333 points!

Shout out this week goes to our responsible and resilient Year 5 students who nominated for school leadership positions for 2023 and presented their speeches to the whole school at assembly.
pirit of St Marys 29-7-22

Rights on Show Arts Exhibition

We are so excited to be entering our collaborative Art Piece into the Rights on Show Arts Exhibition at the NT Supreme Court.

Thank you to Ms Zufferey for writing the following blurb which describes this beautiful Art Work:

"This wonderful painting was created by students from St Mary’s Catholic Primary School students under the guidance of Mr Lyons and Ms Zufferey. Students ranged from 5 to 11 years of age. Originally the idea was for the Indigenous students from the school to create an artwork for Reconciliation Week. Once started it seemed appropriate, in the spirit of reconciliation to invite interested students, from a range of different backgrounds to collaborate and share in the painting of the artwork.

Reconciliation certainly is ‘the future we want’. Children are our future and what we do today as individuals and as a community will have a huge impact on the future; strengthening relationships between all Australians, affirming the importance of freedom, peace, security and respect for all human rights.
The artwork was made and displayed for Reconciliation Week. We tried to use a variety of art styles to represent those used in the desert, coastal and Islander communities. For example, cross hatching is generally used in the Top End while dots are more common in desert artworks.

The design depicts our school logo in Indigenous art style. The blue crescent shapes represent the St Mary’s Community. Just like a waterway, everything in this artwork flows to a point in the center. This is like Aboriginal culture where waterholes are often shown as important meeting places. The flowing lines meeting in the center representing all different cultures working together and being one."
We are so fortunate to have Ms Zufferey and Mr Lyons work with our children on this project. Be sure to go and view the Art Work on display during the first two weeks of December.
Poster FINAL

Disruption to School and Urban Bus Services

Due to driver shortages, some school and urban bus services may be cancelled or experience changes at short notice.

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics is working with CDC Northern Territory (NT) to limit these disruption and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
For the latest updates and changes to routes of travel, go to the CDC NT Facebook page or call 08 8944 2444.

Start of the 2023 School Year

New School year
The 2023 school year begins on Wednesday, 1 February 2021 at 8.15 am for all students. Children are asked to be at school at least ten minutes before classes begin in order that they may find their classrooms and be ready to begin classes at 8.20 am. Please remember to pack lunch, fruit break and recess separately as lunch goes in a container in the cool room in the canteen. The children are also able to have a water bottle in the classroom with them each day.

The School Book Room will be operating from Wednesday, 25 January 2022 (closed Thursday, 26 January public holiday) from 9.00 am to 3.00pm each day. All uniforms and book packs can be purchased from the library from this date.

Please note, book packs are paid for at this time and will be distributed to teachers for use in the classroom.

2023 School Terms

Term 1, 2023 Monday, 30 January 2023 - staff return
Wednesday, 1 February 2023 - students return
Thursday, 6 April 2023 - last day term one

Term 2, 2023 Monday, 17 April to Friday, 23 June 2023

Term 3, 2023 Monday, 17 July 2023 - staff return
Tuesday, 18 July 2023 - students return
Friday, 22 September 2023 - last day term three

Term 4, 2023 Monday, 9 October 2023
Thursday, 14 December 2023 - last day for students
Friday, 15 December 2023 - last day for staff

2023 School Fees

School fees 2023

Outside School Hours Care and Early Learning Centre Fees

Fee increase

Year 7, 2023

SJC 21-9-22
OCC 6-9-22

St Mary's Playgroup

We are so excited to be running our very own playgroup sessions at St Mary’s!

When: Wednesday 9.30 – 11.30 am (Term weeks)

Where: Mary MacKillop Hall

Cost: $2 per family

St Mary’s playgroup is the only playgroup in the Darwin CBD registered with Playgroup Northern Territory. Our playgroup sessions allow children to explore through play, enjoy story time, morning tea and create a masterpiece too!

These sessions are open to families outside of the school and cater for babies and toddlers of all ages. You can find us every Wednesday (school terms only) in the Mary MacKillop Hall, please enter via the Parish entrance from Smith Street.

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Cyclone Season

As we are now in the cyclone season in the Top End, families are reminded of our school procedures in the event of a cyclone.

School closures are announced by the Department of Education and are broadcast to the public on the local TV and radio stations. In the event that government schools are closed, Catholic schools will also be closed.

Please listen to the radio or TV for updates in relation to school closures and reopening.

We will endeavour to keep families informed via school stream, but this will be dependent on the availability of power and personnel.

Visit www.securent.nt.gov.au for more information.
For up to date weather alerts please refer to www.bom.gov.au . (http://www.bom.gov.au/)
Cyclone season

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