23 September 2022| Week 10

Upcoming Dates

  • 23rd September: Assembly led by Room 13
  • 23rd September: Last day for Term 3
  • 10th October: Students return for Term 4
  • 15th December: Last day for students for 2023
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Principal's News

Week 10, Term 3, 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we reach the end of another term of schooling, I reflect upon and marvel at what we have all achieved. When I say ‘all’, I am certainly referencing the parents and friends also who are a significant part of our small but strong community.

Many schools lock down their websites to the public, preferring to put most content on internal parent communications. While we are extremely diligent in maintaining privacies for those families who request them, we openly promote the many things that happen at St Mary’s. I never cease to be amazed by the boundless depth of energy, goodwill, and support there is within the St Mary’s community.

This term we have been fortunate to accommodate events, gatherings and occasions that add to the rich school life from which our children benefit so much.

Term 3 has involved:

Junior Athletics Carnival
Movie Nights
Parent teacher interview
Making Jesus Real PD and visit from Marty Ogle
Feast day Mass
School officer day
ISA appreciation week
2023 Transition interviews
Father’s Day Breakfast and Father’s Day liturgy
Book Week
DANCE troupe
Art Show
Catholic school public speaking competition
After school Homework club
Before and After school care activities

Each of these requires energy, goodwill and support from countless individuals, be they members of staff, students themselves, their parents or the wider school community.

The long list of events, gatherings and occasions certainly applies during this dynamic term, but it is also the case for each and every term. Whether they be intimate events or ones with a large crowd they all tap into that unique gift of our St Mary’s spirit.

In 2022, our community of students, staff and parents are the holders of this unique spirit. It is a legacy that has been passed on by those who went before us. In time, we all will pass the legacy of the Spirit of St Mary’s on to those who will follow us. My hope and aspiration is that when that time comes that we pass on a spirit that has been added to and enhanced by our endeavours.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity and the spirit that you enter in providing and supporting our school. I hope that all families can find some time to be together for family time without rush and haste over the October school holidays. I wish all families who are travelling a safe journey and I look forward to the energy and joy which always characterises fourth term.

Welcome to Jay (Room 7) and family who joined our school community this week.

Farewell to Bentley (Room 7) and family who leave our school community this week.

In Faith and Love,

Rosie Harrison


Prayer 21-9-22

Religious Education News

Mission Month

October is World Mission Month, a month dedicated to the life-giving work of missionaries around the world.

This year, we walk hand-in-hand with the Church of Ethiopia and the local communities towards providing life-changing opportunities to those most in need.

Pope Francis, in his 2022 World Mission Sunday message, invites everyone to answer the call to be missionary, sharing that "Mission is carried out together, not individually...". Early next term as a school we will be celebrating and raising money for Catholic Mission. Please keep an eye out early next term for more information.

Clare Nolan
Religious Education Co-ordinator

News from Room 11

Room 11

Family Intentions for 2023

It is that time of year again when we are looking towards planning for 2023, and seeking information from families regarding intentions for next year.

We ask that families please complete the from on School Stream titled “2023 Intentions” under the FORMS tab in the App or clicking the link below. If prompted the school code is: smcps

To assist with our planning of class structures, we appreciate your responses by Monday, 24 October 2022.

BYODD Program 2023

Thank you to those who attended the BYODD Parent Information Session this week! In 2023, we will be expanding the BYODD program to students in Years 3 to 6. Children moving into Year 3 next year are eligible to join the BYODD program.

For those who were unable to attend, please find linked below the documents that were shared:
- BYODD Parent Letter 2023
- Parent Information & Frequently Asked Questions
- Edunet Device specifications & ordering instructions

These documents contain all the information that you need to know regarding our 2023 BYODD program. A paper pack of this information has also been sent home with children in Years 2 and 3 this week.

Our BYODD purchase portal is now open and taking orders for devices for pre-Christmas delivery. You can learn more about our supplier Edunet by watching this video.

If you have any further questions regarding the BYODD program, please do not hesitate to contact our Deputy Principal Christine Ferreira christine.ferreira@nt.catholic.edu.au

P&F Bunnings BBQ Save the Date!

Our P&F have secured a date to host a Bunnings BBQ in Term 4 on Saturday 22nd October. Early Term 4 we will be putting a call out for volunteers, so mark the date in your calendars!!

On behalf of the Parents and Friends Committee a big thank you for all our support of our Term 3 events.

Pastoral Care and Wellbeing News

Mind up
raising children
Article source: https://raisingchildren.net.au/pre-teens/entertainment-technology/cyberbullying-online-safety/internet-safety-9-11-years

Taking care with privacy and personal information

It’s important for your child to be careful about what they share with people they don’t know.

You might say, ‘There are some bad people on the internet. We don’t want them to know where we live. Never give your name, address or date of birth to anyone online. Tell me if anyone asks you for personal information’. It might help to compare online and offline behaviour by saying something like ‘You wouldn’t give that information to a stranger at the bus stop, would you?’

Your child also needs to be careful about information they enter on gaming sites like Roblox or Minecraft, online competition entry forms and so on. You could agree with your child that they’ll check with you before filling out online competitions or memberships.

Help your child to look at and choose appropriate privacy and safety settings on any devices, programs and social media platforms, and explain why this is important. You can also talk about how personal data is collected on YouTube, TV streaming apps, gaming platforms and so on.

You might find that your child is more up to date with changing privacy and safety settings than you are. You can make the most of this by asking your child to share what they know about these topics and then working together to adjust the settings on all your devices and apps.

Avoiding online purchases
It’s a good idea to switch off one-click purchasing and agree on rules about in-app and other online purchases like ebooks. For example, you might say, ‘if you want to buy a new game or a book, ask me first and we’ll talk about it’.

Your child should also be careful about clicking pop-ups. Some pop-ups that seem safe can lead to pornography sites or ask for personal or financial information.

It's OK if your rules are different from those of other families. If you've thought them through and you're happy with the way they're working, you're helping to keep your child safe online.

Spirit of St Mary's

Our Spirit of St Mary’s goal for this term is: 25,000 points!
Week 10 point check: 24,989 points, almost there!

Shout out this week goes Room 13 for their awesome MJR assembly about accepting disappointment and moving past it. Room 13 have received 6675 points!

pirit of St Marys 29-7-22

Fundraising Update!

Today the students took home their prizes from our Term 2 Colour Run Fundraiser!! Congratulations to St Mary's for reaching our fundraising goal of $10,000!! This money will be going towards Literacy resources across our school. To celebrate this achievement students had fun soaking Ms Harrison!
Thank you all once again for your very generous donations and for supporting our fundraiser event. We cannot wait to share with you the resources that we purchase with this money.

Self-Care September


Year 7, 2023

SJC 21-9-22
OCC 6-9-22

St Mary's Playgroup

We are so excited to be running our very own playgroup sessions at St Mary’s!

When: Wednesday 9.30 – 11.30 am (Term weeks)

Where: Mary MacKillop Hall

Cost: $2 per family

St Mary’s playgroup is the only playgroup in the Darwin CBD registered with Playgroup Northern Territory. Our playgroup sessions allow children to explore through play, enjoy story time, morning tea and create a masterpiece too!

These sessions are open to families outside of the school and cater for babies and toddlers of all ages. You can find us every Wednesday (school terms only) in the Mary MacKillop Hall, please enter via the Parish entrance from Smith Street.

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Canteen Online Orders & Update

To streamline processes across the school, in 2022 we are now only accepting online orders for lunches.
All families need to set up an account for online ordering through Flexischools, which is linked directly in the School Stream App. Details on how to set up an account can be found in the “CANTEEN” tab of School Stream. There is no need to download the Flexischools App, it can all be accessed from the School Stream App.

For those with an existing account, you will need to update your child's class and room number for 2022 before placing your first order. Please refer to the instructions in School Stream.

You can find the updated 2022 Canteen menu in School Stream. Please note daily orders close at 8.40am. Any orders received after this time, will be fulfilled subject to availability of stock and may be substituted for a basic sandwich.

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