An experienced Music Instructor is employed to assist with the development and delivery of a dynamic classroom music program for students in Years T-6. Learning and Teaching in Music is based on the Australian Curriculum and is enhanced through the use of resources including a large collection of musical instruments, keyboards and the recorder. Class lessons are based on the Music Room Program and incorporate a variety of activities including movement, singing, percussion, and dance and writing musical compositions. Students in Year 3 upwards learn the recorder as part of these sessions.

Students also have the opportunity to apply to be members of Instrumental groups including a Ukulele Group and a Percussion (drumming) Group. A school choir is available for students in Years 2-6.

Numerous performance opportunities are provided including a school concert, performing arts show, public choir performances and performances at school Liturgies and Masses.

Private piano and violin lessons are offered through the school at a cost of $30/half hour session. Applications for private tuition are available at the front office.