St. Marys Outside School Hours Care is a school based centre, subsidised by the Commonwealth and NT Governments. St. Marys OSHC is a non-profit organisation working within the local council and NT & Commonwealth statutes.

St. Mary’s Outside School Hours Care is currently licensed to provide care for:

  • After School Care – 75 children
  • Before School Care – 75 children
  • Vacation Care – 75 children

All staff qualifications and child/staff ratios are in accordance with or better than the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) guidelines and minimum requirements. Children are actively supervised by educators at all times to ensure that they are protected from harm. The ratio of supervision is as follows:

At the service 1 staff for every 15 children

On excursions 1 staff for every 10 children

The management of ST Mary’s OSHC supports in-service professional development for all members of staff and believes that it should continue throughout each staff member’s career. All staff members hold current OCHRE (Working with Children Card). Photos of staff are displayed on the board, near the entrance of the OSHC room so that you are aware of who is caring for your child. Policies and Procedures

St. Mary’s OSHC has an extensive Policy and Procedure manual which reflects the Philosophy and Mission statements of our service. This manual is a large document, which is made available to families in the centre. For easy referencing a copy is kept on the sign in/out desk.


At St Mary’s we value every child as an individual and believe that they are all on a unique journey of discovery and adventure.

We believe that all children have the right to feel safe and secure in our environment

We thank God for our friends

We believe in honesty and Trust

We treat each other with respect.

We encourage children to achieve their full potential to try their best and respect all their differences along the way

Mostly we encourage all the children to have fun and we all try our best to ensure this is possible.

We aim to create an atmosphere where families from all cultures and lifestyles can feel comfortable in the knowledge that their children are in a safe, caring community. Children and adults will engage in a variety of interesting and stimulating negotiated activities that provide for the differing needs of children and that develop a sense of security, self-esteem and the possibility of working as part of a team.


 St Mary’s Catholic Primary School OSHC Service

Address Lindsay Street, Darwin City, NT 0801
Mail GPO Box 2413, Darwin, NT 0801
Phone (08) 8981 9796
OSHC Direct line    (08) 8981 6107

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