St Mary's Catholic Primary School launches new logo and website 12-Feb-2016


The launch and blessing of St Mary’s Catholic Primary school website and logo will take place on Friday February 12th, 9am at our Opening School Mass in St Mary’s Star of the Sea Cathedral. The development of the new logo and website took place throughout 2015 following extensive input from students, staff, families and stakeholders including St Mary’s School Board and representatives from our founding order of nuns - the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (OLSH). Dream Media NT designed the new logo and website, following extensive consultation with the logo committee and stakeholders. Our logo captures the OLSH charism and reminds each of us to be the Heart of Christ on earth. We are called to be in relationship with Mary, in faith and love and to make the love of Jesus a tangible reality at St Mary’s Catholic Primary school.



In the centre of our logo represents Mary, our mother; “Our Lady of the Sacred Heart” and the OLSH nuns who founded St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in 1908. 


Representing Jesus Christ

 Heart                         Representing Love - a love that is continuous and embracing of all cultures, languages and people

 Two Figures

Representing Christ and child, parent and child, teacher and child


Representing learning and knowledge 

Our motto Learning in Faith and Love reminds us that our learning and teaching is permeated with love and enriched by our Catholic faith and traditions. Special thanks to our Logo Committee, Dream Media, students and everyone who contributed to the development of our logo and school website.

2015 Logo Committee:

 Mrs Cherill Hopkins   Parent 
 Mrs Elizabeth Post  Parent
 Mrs Lyn Peter  School Support
 Ms Pascale Zufferey        Teacher
 Mrs Jacqui Langdon  Principal