Parents and Friends Association

St Mary’s has a very active and successful Parents & Friends Association, as all the parents at St Marys are automatically P&F Committee members. The P&F is a subcommittee of the School Board. An executive consisting of eight parents manage the Association, supported by the rest of the school community. They meet monthly, usually on the second Tuesday of the month, at 5.30pm in the school library. Meeting dates are listed in the school newsletter.

All members of the school community can attend the P&F meetings. Children are also welcome. The duration of each meeting is kept to approximately an hour.

St Mary’s Parents & Friends Office Bearers 2017
Leanne Brennan President
Kathy Mavros Vice President
Koula Saraglou Treasurer
Naomi Robinson Assistant Treasurer
Samantha Innes Secretary
Rebecca Reardon Assistant Secretary
Sarah Thurgood Community of Learners Representative
Ellie Glassie Committee member
Antony Downs Board Representative

The main purpose of the association is to:

  • Raise funds for the benefit of the school
  • Create an avenue for Social Gatherings to build the school community
  • Organise and promote fundraising opportunities within the school
  • Promote and assist with school working

The P&F has an active social calendar, holding a social event each term. Events include Family Fun Night Discos (Term 1 & 3), an annual Fete (Term 2) and a Christmas Carols Night (Term 4). Other fundraising events include an Easter raffle, the Major raffle and the Christmas Hamper raffle.

The school also coordinates a Mother’s Day Liturgy and morning tea (Term 2), a Father’s Day Breakfast and a Dance-a-thon (Term 3).

For further information about the P&F please contact the front office.

Phone 8981 9796 or email