Staff Members

Leadership Team  
Megan Evans ActingPrincipal
Nikki Farrell Acting Deputy Principal & Inclusion Support Coordinator
Christine Ferreira                                    
Religious Education Coordinator & Data Informed Practitioner                                     
Tagan Koschitzki                                    
Curriculum Coordinator, ICT Learning and Teaching
Pascale Zufferey                                    
Transition -  Room 8
Kelli Coccetti                                     
Years 1-2 -  Room 7                                 
Elizabeth Batten Years  1-2 - Room 6                                      
Christine Ferreira / Julie Leonard                                                                                                            
Years 2-3 -  Room 5 
Stephanie Pollock     Years 3-4  - Room 2
Braden Searle                                                                                                     Years  3-4 - Room 1
Francesca Duncan  Year2 5-6 - Room 14                                     
Tagan Koschitzki Years 5-6 - Room 15
Sarah Muller                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
 Physical Education
 Nikki Farrell  Inclusion Support
 Erik Moulding  Science Teacher
 Miss Michelle Mandarin Language Teacher
Community of Learners  
Kirsten Wilson  Assistant Director/Certified Supervisor 
Fiona Matchett Early Childhood Teacher 
 Maria Abao Certified Supervisor 
 Ayesha Akther
Early Childhood Assistant 
Anna-Lea Higgins  Early Childhood Assistant 
Anita Lin  Early Childhood Assistant 
 Sophia Gadekar  Early Childhood Assistant
Out of School Hours Care  
Kirsten Wilson OSHC Assistant Director
Amy-Lee Kennaway OSHC Educator
 Nicholas Watts Before School Care coordinator/Inclusion Support Assistant
Emmylou Ivinson Before School Care Assistant                                    
Support Staff
Julie Haydon
Louise Higgins Finance Officer
Kathy Zerafa Bookkeeper OSHC and Community of Learners
Lyn Peter School Officer-Library Technician/ ICT/WHS coordinator
Kristy Hayes Inclusion Support and Indigenous Education Assistant
 Sheree Mulligan                                     
Defence School Transition Aid / Inclusion Support Assistant
 Sofia Gadekar Inclusion Support Assistant 
Ben Humphrey Inclusion Support Assistant
Emmylou Ivinson
Inclusion Support Assistant
Robyn Noble Inclusion Support Assistant
Paula Raaschou Inclusion Support Assistant
Nico Watts                                    
Inclusion Support Assistant
 Nicky Coleman
Canteen Manager
Malcolm Bryan Groundsperson
Cyclone City Cleaners Cleaners