Our new logo captures our school spirit, OLSH traditions and the deep connections we have with our school, Parish and the wider community.

‘M’ Representing Mary, our mother; “Our Lady of the Sacred Heart” and the OLSH nuns who founded St Mary’s school in 1908.

Cross Representing Jesus Christ

Heart Representing our love - a love that is continuous and embracing of all cultures, languages and people

Two figures Representing Christ and child, parent and child, teacher and child

Book/Bible Representing learning and knowledge

Our new school logo was developed for St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in 2015. Families contributed to the development of the new logo by completing a questionnaire and participating in a Logo competition. Extensive consultation took place with all our stakeholders including the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, MSC priests, students, staff, parents and the wider community.



Learning in Faith and Love

In living out this Motto we strive to ensure that the values of Christ may be our values and that the love of Christ may live with, in and through each staff member, student and family.

St Mary's school songs

  1. 1.

    St Mary’s in the middle of the town

    Set in the shade with businesses all around

    Beside the Cathedral and close to the sea

    Learning in a Christian community


    May Christ reign, playing and learning

    May Christ reign, praying and yearning

    Here we are as sisters and brothers

    Strong in faith like Mary our mother

    In our living and in our hearts

    We pray May Christ reign

  1. 2.

    St Mary’s, we are welcoming to all

    Striving each day to live our baptismal call

    We’re strong in tradition, as each day we grow

    Faithfulness and wisdom to the world we’ll show.


  1. 3.

    St Mary’s we are challenged ev’ry day

    To give of our best in all that we do and say

    We know God is with us, we’re proud as can be

    St Mary’s is the best school for you and me –

    We’re members of St Mary’s community.